Enjoying the Art of Selling!

MSI Slogan:  "He who sows the most service... shall reap the greatest rewards."

MSI was built on the foundation of providing uncompromised service to the luxury real estate industry.

The “new normal” is here and the planned community industry has finally begun to recover.  Existing developments are being purchased from lenders and reintroduced to the market, even new communities are being planned and readied for launch.

Are you ready for this rapid transformation?  

As these communities emerge and buyers re-enter the market, two things will happen:

  • Stronger competition for developers/builders.
  • Confusion for prospective buyers.  

Two things will differentiate you from your competition; 


1) A creative and professional marketing plan that; 

  • Captures their curiosity.
  • Ignites their imagination.
  • Prompts them to act.


2) A team of ethical, well trained, professional sales executives that:

  • Practice the art of selling.
  • Paint masterpieces with their words.
  • Understand sophisticated buyers in this changing market.


...MSI will make you ready



  • Began with the “Hard Knocks” of sales in 1969, by selling books door to door for the Southwestern Company – straight commission, 75 hours/week, for 5 summers between years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   In 1972 finished as the #1 salesman out of 7,200 sales people. 
  • A sales manager for the Southwestern Company – recruited and trained over 1,000 sales people. 
  • Sold real estate at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and was a top salesman for 5 years. 
  • Director of Recruiting and Sales Training for the Sea Pines Real Estate Company.
  • Formed Marketing and Sales Institute in 1987, which provides sales training and marketing and management consultation for luxury communities across America.
  • Author of best selling book, Secrets of Selling from Real Estate Masters plus Audio Version and digital Training Sessions.
  • Member of  the Urban Land Institute.