One of the best ways to accomplish creation of perceived value is through a collection of human interest stories about people just like them who are current homeowners, and third-party testimonials from some of those people. The stronger you build perceived value, the greater the desire to have it. The greater the desire, the greater the fear of losing, which automatically creates a sense of urgency. The more heightened the sense of urgency, the more probable a positive decision. No urgency equals no action.

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QUALIFYING ... sounds more like something a NASCAR driver does just before the big race, or what we all have to do when we’re trying to talk our friendly banker into a loan. But it’s not something that a top-notch sales person does. No, a truly successful sales person thinks a lot deeper than simply “qualifying a prospect”. He or she thinks more like a doctor diagnosing the patient’s illness, or a top-notch detective determining the clues that would solve the big case.

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In this day and time does it really make sense to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing, just to get the phone to ring or hits on your website, or motivate prospects to come in and then not invest a little money to make sure they are greeted by highly-motivated, well-educated sales people?

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7 Secrets to Selling Luxury Real Estate

Selling real estate, especially luxury real estate, is one of the most rewarding professions around! If done correctly, people are helped, dreams come true, and you are provided with great financial freedom and opportunity.  One very important point to keep in mind  when selling luxury real estate versus simply shelter, is that about 95% of the decision is based purely on emotion. Keep in mind  that selling is an art that can be learned.

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How do we grow?

One of the main ways we can continue growing throughout our entire lives as long as our brains will function is through the collection and application of new ideas — through applied knowledge. Someone once said that knowledge is power. Do you believe that? I don’t. Only applied knowledge is power.

Unused knowledge is worse than ignorance! At least an ignorant person has an excuse. You will be held more accountable after you read this book, so you had better not finish it if you want to be able to plead ignorance concerning how to sell in our communities because that excuse will be blown out of the water!

Over the years I’ve learned that if you boil the art of selling down to its most basic components, it can be expressed as the following equation:

Selling =
Educating (your customer) + Motivating (your customer)

I am going to give you from the initial interview through the closing of the sale and beyond, the step-by-step information you will need to become an ace at selling. I am also going to attempt to motivate you to accomplish this feat.

I think we all have a pretty good idea of what education is. If a student goes to college, does his homework, studies, absorbs the information, and later applies it in his profession, it could be said that he received a good education. Another student may have had the same professors and the same classes, yet he goes out every night and parties, copies homework, barely passes the exams, and slides through graduation. Did he get a good, quality education? Hardly, at least not in the areas for which the tuition was paid.

What’s the difference between these two? Only that the first student took the external information offered by the professors and through discipline, study, and practice internalized the information so that it became true education to him.