Marketing and Sales Institute (MSI) operates upon a fundamental philosophy that it attempts to permeate through each of its students of sales or management. “He who sows the most service reaps the greatest rewards.” Sincere, unselfish service is a key factor in the development, building and home sales business that separates the winners from the “also rans”. 

MSI approaches sales training with a zeal toward active participation of its students. Cicero said, “We learn by doing.” Why should learning the necessary skills of persuasion, such as active listening, leading through layering of questions, proper use of third-party testimonials, telephone skills, social media, pleasant, persistent follow-up, closing through emotional word pictures, appropriate body use, prospecting techniques, power of enthusiasm, etc., not be developed the same way the skills of golf, tennis, carpentry, etc. are learned – by doing? That is the main reason MSI employs a technique known as Customized Coaching that focuses on these specific skills through repetitive, video-taped and recorded role playing on an individual and small group basis. Critiques of performances and demonstrations of correct implementation of the necessary skills follow, and then practice is repeated. 

However, the highest quality of training does little good if the students do not have sufficient aptitude or proper attitude toward the selling profession. Extensive use of the Personality Profile System is used to not only consult with management regarding individual sales associate’s strengths and weaknesses, but also to help sales people work more effectively with various personality types by learning the art of customizing their presentations. 

All of the preceding knowledge can be overwhelming to both the sales associate and prospect, unless there is a simple, organized approach toward its proper integration. Therefore, MSI breaks the selling process down into bite-sized pieces. It helps the thinking sales person who has a heart-felt conviction about his or her product to lead the prospect through the various disciplines of selling, from greeting all the way to assumptively closing the prospect with finesse on a buying decision. 

MSI realizes that sales training is limited in its power to alter behavior unless there is follow-through on the manager’s part, along with regular follow-up services to refocus on the sharpening of these skills. The training MSI provides for managers not only addresses this issue of skill development inertia, but offers insight on how the manager can truly become the best coach possible in order to maximize the productivity of each of his or her individual team members. 

In this day and time does it really make sense to invest thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing, just to get the phone to ring or hits on your website, or motivate prospects to come in and then not invest a little money to make sure they are greeted by highly-motivated, well-educated sales people? Knowledge breeds confidence! Knowledge represents power! MSI is committed to developing far more essential power in our real estate sales people and managers to assist in getting our industry back on the proper track. 

By: Terry L. Weaver, President 

Marketing and Sales Institute, Inc. 

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