It all begins with perceived value. There is no way that you can create perceived value in a person’s mind until you understand what is valuable to that person. Then, the reason for an in- depth, inquisitive and attentive initial interview. Once you understand what is valuable to that person, then you can customize your discovery presentation about the property to those things that “push their hot buttons”.

For instance, if you detect that there is a concern about leaving the children and grandchildren, set up your major features and benefits to address that issue. “Can you imagine all of the fun you’ll have on this beautiful lake – fishing, swimming, water skiing, boating? It will act as a magnet for all of those grandkids!”

The more you can address those “emotional” issues, the more you will create a desire for those benefits in the minds of the prospects. This kind of approach works whether you are presenting homes or home sites. If orchestrated correctly, perceived value will begin to build in their minds, which will trigger their desire for it. It is at this point that their fear of possible loss, whatever it is, begins to build. A sense of urgency about taking action will follow and a solid close is all you need.

One of the best ways to accomplish creation of perceived value is through a collection of human interest stories about people just like them who are current homeowners, and third-party testimonials from some of those people. The stronger you build perceived value, the greater the desire to have it. The greater the desire, the greater the fear of losing, which automatically creates a sense of urgency. The more heightened the sense of urgency, the more probable a positive decision. No urgency equals no action.

Now that our market is picking up, urgency can easily be created. You should be creating in your own mind, and on paper if need be, the aura of activity that has been taking place in your community, and be ready to use those strong points to build that sense of urgency. Stories of those who have stepped up, bought and are enjoying “living the dream”. Stories about those who hesitated and lost out should be sprinkled throughout your presentation. You should work in explanations about the potential increases in pricing due to the simple economics of supply and demand. You can bet no prospect will ever have a sense of urgency to act unless you do. So Do It Now! Guard against slackening of your selling skills just because the market has been challenging.

Terry L. Weaver is President of Marketing and Sales Institute, Inc., motivating real estate sales people. He is in constant demand and travels throughout the United States and Canada, bringing a message of persuasion that has literally enhanced the careers of thousands of sales people. This article is an excerpt from Terry’s book, “Secrets of Selling from Real Estate Masters”.

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