How do I educate and motivate my prospects? How do I get started? How many ways can I close a sale? How do I know which close to use? How do I reach the next sales level? 

Whether you want to learn everything about selling real estate from the beginning or give your present sales techniques a personal tune up, the time-proven methods in this book make it easy for you. Secrets of Selling from Real Estate Masters is presented in seventeen educational, motivational and easily mastered lessons. You are taken under the wing of a mentor who has a natural gift for selling that comes through on every page. 

Terry Weaver learned his selling techniques the hard way, but you can sidestep the hard knocks by learning and applying his techniques. You'll get lots of help in evaluating clients and their motivations, in how to use the art of questioning and listening in order to diminish the client's resistance to making a decision, and how to overcome objections. 

If you are in sales, this book will strengthen your skills. If you are just considering making real estate sales your career, the master sales trainer will get you started right. 

Sample Chapter


The past few years have been the most challenging I have ever seen in the real estate market. I read your book again for the third time. Your insights have more meaning now than ever before. Dramatic changes make you question everything you are doing.

Building on our experience from your training sessions, we now spend the majority of the time in our sales meetings discussing each chapter of your book in detail. I feel the confidence is coming back and the agents are rejuvenated again, without spending a single dollar more in advertising. In fact since studying your book over the last few months, our sale pace has more than doubled to 20 sales.

The combination of your book and training sessions provided us the basic tools we need to sell property in any economy and has certainly helped us in this “New Economy”.
— Bob Turner, President, Habersham Properties

Terry’s book is an exact step by step guide to success in sales. His “how to” focus is why I give this book to all of my 150+ sales agents. With 37 years in this business and billions of dollars in sales, I know a winner when I see one!”
— David MacIntyre, Owner, Arizona Best Real Estate
I had been reading your book and listening to your CD’s. A couple came in who were “determined” not to buy. I started using what I’d learned from you – step by step. A little later, they wanted to see homes. They left feeling good about Palencia. The next day they told me…”Palencia has everything we want”. Why waste time and money looking at other places?” They bought a $300,000 town home. CASH.

Thank you Coach! Anyone who isn’t learning from your many years of expertise is indeed hurting their financial future. If they call me, I’ll tell them how crazy they are to not sit under your tutorage!
— Naomi Lumley, 30 year veteran, Palencia, FL

It’s an eye-opener. Every real estate sales agent and realty office manager should read and implement the outstanding techniques in this excellent book. Terry Weaver shares his personal sales experiences gained over many years, plus techniques he learned from his students, to create a unique “how to sell real estate” book. On my scale of 1 to 10, this superb book rates a 10.
— San Fransico Examiner