Gold Medal Service


Private Clubs live or die by the quality of the service they provide.  There is a reason why Ritz-Carlton consistently gets tremendous reviews when their guests depart.   It’s because their people are meticulously trained in the art and privilege of unselfish service.  This one half day session has been taught to many of the top private club communities across America.  It is an instructive, encouraging and specific training on the disciplines that not only create excellent service but also a rewarding life.

Highlights of Gold Medal Service

  • Job security…..Nothing but a myth!  
  • Keys to job security we control.
  • Common character traits true professionals demonstrate?
  • Two most important customers that you consistently serve.
  • What does T.E.A.M. really spell?  
  • The Seven Secrets to Successful Service.
  • Conclusion.  An emotional challenge to continue to grow!

This session will be full of specific instruction but will also contain a great deal of laughter, encouragement and recognition for work well done.  Attendees will leave proud of what they do for a living with a deeper desire to do it better.