Title of Session:  Foundational Fundamentals of Selling Real Estate.

“True masters of any skill are those who have mastered the basics.”

Training Kickoff (6:00pm to 8:30pm estimated)  

Evening Meal Together with a One and half hour session: Mental and Emotional Preparation for Success

Day One, Session Two (8:30am until 12:00pm) (Estimated time. Breakfast at 8:00am and lunch 12.00pm to 1:00pm.)

Title of our Session Together:

Thinking Small for Big Results…It’s the Little Things that Make or Break You!

Anyone who is involved in the marketing or the selling side of Seabolt Brokers and Ford Plantation should be a part of each of these sessions.  This second day would be a combination of teaching and demonstrating the fundamentals of successful selling in our specific industry.  The following are just some of the areas that we will be covering in detail:

  • The Power of Professional Prospecting – Real Estate is a Contact Sport.

Too many sales people are relying too heavily on social media, the Internet and typical high tech tools.  Relying on high tech at the exclusion of high touch can create disaster in this type of sale.  It’s all about relationships!

  • R-U Building Success?   A self analysis on the details that a professional sales executive must use regularly to build a successful real estate career in the resort and the resort sales industry.
  • The Five Most Important Disciplines a Professional Sales Executive Must Incorporate.  It’s been my privilege to work with many of the finest luxury real estate sales people in the country.  After as many years, one begins to see a pattern emerging of what the top agents do to create a high level of success.  This session reveals that important information. 
  • Initial Overview/Interview….Building a Firm Foundation.  Without emotional connection there is no selection, only rejection.  The first 15 – 30 minutes a sales professional has with their prospective buyer is one of the most important times they will spend.  This session describes what must take place in order to emotionally move the prospect to the next step.
  • Conclusion of Morning One Session

Day One:  Afternoon Session 3 – (1:00pm to 4:30pm)

Thinking Small for Big Results…It’s the Little Things that Make or Break You!

  • What is Professional Selling….Really?  The four main steps of a professional sales presentation.  (The first two will be demonstrated by me and then practiced by the team with each other.  Remember… the only way we learn anything is by doing.)
  • Psychological Path of the Buying Process.  Agents must learn to create a balance in their sales approach between educating and motivating their prospective buyer.  This session explains exactly how to do this. 
  • Optimal order of every sale.  In order to tap into the heart desires of a prospect, one must understand what is going on in his/her head.  Every sales person applies their own personality to the task of persuasion however there is an optimal order for the sale to unfold.  This session explains how to maximize the potential of moving toward a successful closing. 
  • Internalizing the Selling Principles through Practice.  We learn by doing.  Little will be accomplished during our training unless people are actually doing the principles they are being taught.  How much good would a golf lesson be if you never swung a golf club?  How much better could you be at dancing if you never grabbed your partner and practiced on the dance floor?  Selling is no different.  This time will be an excellent time of working together as a team, helping one another out through encouragement and sensitive critiquing, so that they can actually begin changing some of their habit patterns that they have developed that may be hampering their sales success.
  • Conclusion/Assignment for Evening Homework.  

Day Two – Session Four - (8:30am to 12:30pm)

Thinking Small for Big Results…It’s the Little Things that Make or Break You!

  • The Most Powerful Tool of Persuasion.  This is based on the opinion of the #1 Realtor in the state of South Carolina for the last 20+ years.  In 2012 he had sales and listings sold in excess of over $100M.  This session will also include an interview with Jim, the Realtor, demonstrating exactly how he uses his powerful tool of selling high end real estate.
  • Actually practicing what they were taught the day before.
  • Community Discovery Presentation and Closing for a Decision.  Most sales people try too hard to sell the wrong thing.  They jump right into selling houses, home sites, etc. and forget that the most important thing they should be selling is the community itself.  This session provides a step by step process in selling the community and moving seamlessly into a professional close for a decision. 
The Wrap-Up.  The team will be challenged with writing down five changes and actions they are committed to take, based on what they’ve learned the previous days.  The session will end with an emotional challenge of what true commitment is all about and why, in this environment, nothing else will take its place.