Dear Terry,

As I finish up 2009 and start making my goals for 2010, I wanted to personally thank you for all the training you have given me over the years.

The thing I appreciate most is that you have helped me realize we are always selling.  Every time I meet with a client, a sale is made.  Either they sell me or I sell them.  You have always reminded me that we only get paid when se make the sale.  After nearly 30 years in this industry, I believe one of the biggest problems real estate agents have is the lack of knowledge of how to sell.  They get classes about real estate law and other topics that are important, however the vast majority of real estate people have never been taught the foundational principles of true salesmanship.  Why are the top 10% of agents usually the same each year? They know how to sell!

Many times brokerage agents, like myself, work hard at selling a prospect the property but then forget to sell when on a listing appointment.  In order to be successful in our profession, we must be especially adept at subtle selling techniques with sellers.  In fact, you have taught me that we must be selling all day, every day - when we are on the phone getting an appointment or price reduction; when we are negotiating an offer, etc.  Those are the times when we really need to put our selling hat on.

Thank you for your help throughout my career.  Not only have you been a good personal friend but you have always given me tidbits of information which have helped me become a much better sales professional.  There is no one who can teach the critical skills of salesmanship inout industry better than you , Terry.  You have made a major impact on my life and the lives of many inout industry.

Sincerely your,

James Wedgeworth

Broker/Sales Agent

#1 Real Estate Agent on Hilton Head and SC 1990-2009